The Online Certificate in Conflict Medicine was developed by the Global Health Institute at the American University of Beirut, in partnership with R4HC Consortium. It aims to empower healthcare practitioners by advancing their skills in conducting research and delivering medical care that is contextualized to the settings of conflict and fragility.


CCM is designed for healthcare practitioners, including medical students, nursing students, pharmacy students, allied health professionals, among others. This certificate will enhance the preparedness of learners to provide medical care and conduct research in conflict settings.


To know more about the CCM structure, competencies, components, and courses, please download the CCM Executive Document by clicking here.


The Certificate in Conflict Medicine tackles the major themes in conflict medicine and health. All certificate courses require 30 hours to complete. The courses are delivered through the Global Health Learning and Development (GHLAD) platform, GHI’s online learning platform. To obtain the certificate, each learner must complete four courses, 30 hours each, for a total of 120 hours of learning. All courses are online and asynchronous so that learners can undertake them depending on their availability and time commitment. Certificate courses include: 

Introduction to Conflict Medicine
Health Research Methods in Conflict
Medical Care and Clinical Knowledge in Conflict

Learners can choose one of three specialty courses:



  1. Cancer in Conflict
  2. War Wounds
  3. Infectious Diseases in Conflict


  • Identify the key theories, concepts, and stakeholders related to conflict medicine
  • Describe how conflicts and their corresponding ecologies of war impact individual and population health
  • Develop a theoretical understanding of the approaches and challenges around providing medical care in settings of conflict
  • Plan and design evidence-based approaches for conducting health research in conflict
  • Recognize the landscape and challenges of major health themes in conflict: cancer, infectious diseases, and war wounds



Price per course $150

Total Price of Certificate $600


Duration per course 30 hours

Total duration of Certificate 120 hours


Certificate in Conflict Medicine

Specialty in Cancer in Conflict

Certificate in Conflict Medicine

Specialty in Infectious Diseases in Conflict

Certificate in Conflict Medicine

Specialty in War Wounds