Launched in June 2017, the Refugee Health Program (RHP) is a multidisciplinary program targeting refugee health from a global health perspective. The program constitutes a platform for active researchers to consolidate efforts in exploring the impact of protracted crises on the health and well-being of displaced populations and their host communities in the global south.
The program aims to combine the academic and practical expertise on global health, refugee and community health, and medicine to generate contextualized knowledge, as well as outreach and capacity building activities that serve the needs of the targeted populations.




Fouad M. Fouad, MD

Department of Epidemiology and Population Health
Ext: 4654


Lamis Jomaa, PhD

Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences
Ext: 4544


Mona Osman, MD

Department of Family Medicine
Ext: 3048

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Gladys Honein, PhD

Department of Hariri New School of Nursing
Ext: 5977


Hady Naal, MA

Programs Division Manager
Program Coordinator, Refugee Health Program
Ext: 4933


Laura Hudroj, BS, BA

Consultant, Refugee Health Program

Dalia Sarieddine

Dalia Sarieddine, MPH

Project coordinator, Refugee Health Program
Ext: 4961


Asmaa El Dakdouki, MSc

Field Coordinator, Refugee Health Program
Ext: 4831


The COVID-19 Refugee Support Program (CRSP) is a GHI initiative launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. CRSP aims to establish and support a community-based network of GHI previously trained Syrian refugee women by equipping them with contextualized and evidence-based information on COVID-19.


This initiative will serve as a pivotal approach to increase the awareness, through a mobile social-distancing application, in an effort to reduce and control the spread of the virus among Syrian refugees and mitigate its effect, allowing them to seek early life-saving care when necessary.

The SEEK Trial: the effect of increased Self- Efficacy and Knowledge (using an innovative psychosocial package) on improved sexual and reproductive health service use among adolescent girls and young women refugees

Perspectives of Registered Nurses On Refugee Healthcare In Lebanon and Jordan: A multi-site cross-sectional study (PROfILE)

Online course on Global Health and Conflict in the Middle East & North Africa: Refugees, Migration and Human Rights Beyond Borders Partners: University of California Berkeley (UCB) and University of California San Francisco (USCF)

Formal and informal livelihood strategies, negative coping mechanisms and their consequences on health among Syrian refugees: A qualitative study in Lebanon

‘Informal’ Provision of Health Services for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: in collaboration with Cambridge University

Research for Health in Conflict (R4HC-MENA) – developing capability, partnerships and research in the Middle and Near East (MENA): in collaboration with King’s College London


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