About EPaPP

The Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Program (EPaPP) aims to understand the landscape of preparedness in the MENA region to inform and develop contextualized solutions for current and future epidemics and pandemics. EPaPP builds on the expertise available at AUB and leverages existing capacities across the region to foster regional and global partnerships and networks around epidemic and pandemic preparedness.


The EPaPP generates and promotes contextualized evidence on improving equitable and responsive epidemic and pandemic preparedness in the MENA region by enhancing workforce capacity collaborations, information systems, and governance.



Scientific Advisory Committee


Lina Abu Habib, MA

Director, Asfari Foundation
American University of Beirut


Shadi Saleh, PhD, MPH

Founding Director, Global Health Institute
Professor, Health Systems and Financing
American University of Beirut

Souha Kanj

Souha Kanj Sharara, MD, FACP, FISDA, FRCP

Head of the Infectious Diseases Division
American University of Beirut Medical Center


Zahi Abdul Sater, PhD

Senior Adviser for Partnerships and Innovation

Zahi Chahine

Zahi Chahine, MBA

Head of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Unit at the Presidency of Council of Ministers at UNDP

Antoine Abou Fayad

Antoine Abou Fayad, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Experimental Pathology, Immunology & Microbiology,
WHO Collaborating Center For Reference and Research on Bacterial Pathogens
Center for Infectious Diseases Research (CIDR)

Program Team

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Sarah Ibrahim, MPH

Manager, EPaPP


Hady Naal, MA

Manager, GHI Programs

Zeinab Awad

Zeinab Awad, MPH

Research Associate, EPaPP


Yasmine Noueihed, BSc

Software Developer


The Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Data Portal (PDP)

This portal will serve as a resource center for researchers and practitioners, and will improve preparedness situational awareness, planning and coordination.

The Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Gateway (PPG)

The PPG allows for the identification of experts in the field of epidemic and pandemic preparedness through the stakeholder map and collaboration portal.

The Online Asynchronous Certificate on Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness (CEPP)

An evidence-based online asynchronous certificate on epidemic and pandemic preparedness, tailored to the training needs of the MENA region.