The AUB-GHI’s Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Gateway (PPG) is a comprehensive platform designed to foster collaboration and coordination among epidemic and pandemic preparedness stakeholders in the Arab World.


As a central collaboration hub in the region, the PPG enables policymakers, researchers, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders to seamlessly identify and connect with experts in the field. Through interactive features, users can engage in knowledge sharing, collaborative projects, and capacity building initiatives to strengthen epidemic and pandemic preparedness efforts across the region.

The Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness Stakeholders Map (PSM)

This map allows users to understand to identify, connect, and understand the relationship between individual and organizations working across multiple sectors in epidemic and pandemic preparedness.

The Collaboration Portal on Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness (PCP)

This portal allows policy makers, researchers, health practitioners, and others to identify and connect with experts who conduct research on epidemic and pandemic preparedness.