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Mediation and Negotiation in Crisis Settings








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Humanitarian work takes place in settings that involve many various stakeholders each of which has a different vested interest and a different amount of power which will conflict with the aims of humanitarian actors. This conflict of interests renders mediation and negotiation an essential part of humanitarian work. This course will prepare frontline humanitarian workers for all aspects of negotiation and mediation in humanitarian crisis. It will offer frontline humanitarian workers a safe and informed space to acquire the knowledge, skills and capacities required in humanitarian mediation and negotiations. It will help participants build their capacity to address recurring challenge sand dilemmas of humanitarian negotiation in complex environments. The course will introduce participants to practical negotiation and mediation tools and methods elaborated based on the latest empirical policy research.Through reflective exercises and online discussions, the course attempts to link the concepts of negotiation and mediation to a wide variety of situations that humanitarian worker encounter in their daily work, such as negotiations in situ for access and peace agreements far from the conflict, and more routine negotiations with other actors to allow effective programming: negotiations with donors, host governments and national staff among others.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the importance of negotiation and mediation for Protection, Access,
  • Participation, and Accountability
  • Analyze conflicts and the different strategies of dealing with them
  • Employ appropriate and effective communication tools when negotiating with or mediating between different stakeholders in conflict sensitive contexts
  • Apply the steps of neutral and impartial negotiation
  • Apply the steps of neutral and impartial mediation

Target Audience

Humanitarian Manager/Students interested in the Humanitarian Field

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