GHI Academy, the capacity-building division of GHI, was formally launched in November 2017. The Academy aims at promoting and fostering global health leadership and contextualizing knowledge and tools to address global health challenges


GHI Academy advances context-specific global health literacy and leadership through innovative delivery of knowledge and professional development.


GHI Academy is the premier global health capacity-building hub in the Global South for contextualized smart learning and capacity building.


  • Foster global health leadership and technical capacity from the MENA and other Global South regions
  • Employ smart and accessible learning modalities for capacity building in the Global South
  • Contextualize global health knowledge to address global health challenges with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa region


Global Health Learning and Development (GHLAD)

GHLAD includes the online learning platform and the in-person capacity-building offerings of the Academy.

Humanitarian Leadership Diploma

Humanitarian Leadership Diploma is a collaborative center between HLA and GHI with the common vision to establish regional excellence in humanitarian advancement.

The Mobile University for Health (MUH)

The Mobile University for Health (MUH) project aims to build professional health skills of refugees and host communities.

In-Person Training

Interactive and practical trainings, led by field-experienced instructors, related to global health where different methods are applied to engage learners.

Center for Research and Education in the Ecology of War (CREEW)

With the vision to pioneer global excellence in the ecology of war, CREEW will equip frontline health practitioners from conflict zones with the necessary skills that would enable them to conduct research in conflict settings.

Online Offerings

E-learning involving multimedia elements (audio, video, graphics…) allowing live interactions with the instructors through Q&A’s



Waed Slim, MSc

Manager, GHI Academy


Hady Naal, M.A Clinical Psychology

Consultant, GHI Academy


Laura Hudroj, BS, BA

Project Coordinator, MUH


Dayana Brome

Research Assistant, eCap


Tracy Daou, MSc

Research Associate, eCAP


Israa El Sayed

Research Assistant for eCAP


Lubna Jaber

Research Assistant, Academy


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