GHI Academy, the capacity-building division of GHI, was formally launched in November 2017. The Academy aims at promoting and fostering global health leadership and contextualizing knowledge and tools to address global health challenges


GHI Academy advances context-specific global health literacy and leadership through innovative delivery of knowledge and professional development.


GHI Academy is the premier global health capacity-building hub in the Global South for contextualized smart learning and capacity building.


Academy-Online Offerings (1)


Online Offerings

The Academy offers a variety of online courses, certificates, diplomas across 3 sectors; humanitarian, health and conflict and civil society. Leveraging cutting-edge E-learning tools, these offerings are accessible through the Global Health Online Learning Platform (GHLAD).

Certificate in Conflict Medicine

The Certificate in Conflict Medicine empowers healthcare practitioners by advancing their skills in conducting research and delivering medical care that is contextualized to the settings of conflict and fragility.

Humanitarian Leadership Diploma

The Humanitarian Leadership Diploma builds the capacity of the humanitarian workforce equipping them with the leadership skills to become agents of change.

Global Health Learning and Development (GHLAD)

The Global Health Learning and Development platform is GHI’s online learning platform. It provides contextualized training and continuing education in Global Health using smart and accessible learning modalities. GHLAD includes courses in a variety of sectors including humanitarian, health and conflict, and civil society sector.

Center for Research and Education in the Ecology of War (CREEW)

CREEW will equip frontline health practitioners from conflict zones with the necessary skills that would enable them to conduct research in conflict settings. This translates field-based experience into research outputs, mitigating thereby the knowledge lost in conflict settings.

The Mobile University for Health (MUH)

The Mobile University For Health initiative equips vulnerable women and men to serve as Community Health Workers (CHWs) in their respective countries, and to support upon graduation in access to healthcare, rebuilding thereby the healthcare system

In-Person Training

Interactive and practical trainings, led by field-experienced instructors, related to global health where different methods are applied to engage learners.


Nisrine El Hadi-new

Nisrine El Hadi, Pharm.D, MPH

Manager, GHI Academy
Ext: 4992


Hady Naal, MA

Project Coordinator, eCAP

Rim Alaeddine

Rim Alaeddine, MSc

Research Associate, eCAP

Hadil Mdaihly

Hadil Mdaihly, PharmD

Associate Coordination Officer, Academy


Tracy Daou, MSc

Research Associate, eCAP