Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can an organization submit more than one application?

Yes, an organization can submit a maximum of two (2) applications. However, each applicant is eligible to receive only one grant. If multiple applications are submitted, only one grant will be awarded.

Q2. Do applicants/co-investigators applying for one (1) project need to be from different countries?

No. It is not required that applicants/co-investigators be from different countries.

Q3. Does the total grant size per project (i.e. 50,000$) cover indirect costs?

The total combined direct and indirect costs per grant should not exceed 50,000$.

Q4. If we have a specific question, how can we reach out to the GHAIN MENA team?

If you have any questions regarding the GHAIN MENA call for proposals, you may fill the inquiry form and our team will reach out to you for support.

Q5. Can an institution that is not based in the MENA region apply to the GHAIN MENA call for proposals?

An Institution that is not based in the MENA region can still apply to the GHAIN MENA call for proposals but as a partner to a primary applicant who is based in the MENA region and who fulfills the eligibility criteria listed in the call for proposals.

Q6. Is there any preferred area across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for the proposed AI solution to be implemented?

No, it can be implemented in one or more areas across the MENA region. There is no specific region within the MENA are where the suggested AI should be implemented. It is feasible for the AI solution to target multiple regions within the MENA area.

Q7. Does the review committee have a preference for one track over the other?

The review committee does not have a preference for one track over the other.

Q8. During the application process, will we have access to any support or be able to reach out with questions?

During the application process, you will be able to reach out to us with any technical question via email on or the “Ask Us” available on our website.  

Q9. Will the selected applicants receive support during the sub-granting process and throughout the implementation phase of their proposed projects?

Selected grantees will benefit from training and capacity building opportunities, one to one mentoring sessions, and engaging with relevant stakeholders and policymakers through the GHAIN MENA network.

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