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GHF 2016 Theme: “Rebuilding Health Post-Conflict | A Dialogue for the Future”

The Forum comes at a time of eminent challenges and pressing needs to plan, rebuild, and reconstruct healthcare even before conflicts subside. Such an endeavor is of utmost necessity to meet the needs of populations and re-foster trust and legitimacy through the transition from war to peace. The whole process is a significant undertaking that would require major investments that are beyond the financial aspects to include enhancing the planning capacity, human capital as well infrastructural upgrading.


The Forum is intended to create a scientific and operational platform where stakeholders in the different fields within health start the path of actively assessing rebuilding needs and coordination of efforts.


A dialogue will be initiated – with a way forward outlined – during the Rebuilding Health Forum that would aid in the development of responsive and sustainable health systems in the post-conflict era for our region

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    Dec 8, 2016
  • End Date
    Dec 10, 2016
  • organiser
    Global Health Institute, AUB
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    West Hall Bathish Auditorium
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