Thematic Topic: Anti-Microbial Resistance

Course Description

The course aims to strengthen learner’s knowledge on the topic of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and introduce potential knowledge gaps, which may be avenues for research proposals.


The association between infectious diseases and war has been established since antiquity. Famine, deteriorating living conditions and spread of infectious diseases are unfortunate and grave events that occur in wars. In more recent wars mainly the American War in Iraq, the problem of multi-drug resistant bacteria namely Acinetobacter became a significant concern. Several published reports in the medical literature attempted at tacking this issue and describe its burden. AMR is a global problem classified as a major threat to humanity. Multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria does not respect borders and can travel to various regions and countries.


Since limited number of evidence-based recommendations and guidelines exist today and are mainly based on the experience of Western armies and medical corps, there is dire need to gather regional data from different parts of the world. The Middle East is a region plagued with continuous conflicts and wars, consequently there is a pressing need for collecting data on the etiology, impact, and measures to counter AMR in the region. These data, originating from the Middle East will have global impact and can serve as a rich case example for other regions to learn from.


Accepted fellows will be required to complete the online course before joining the fellowship program.

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  • Language: English
  • Duration: 15 hours