Reporting & Compliance

Course Description

Reporting is an essential tool to maintain transparency and credibility between an NGO and its stakeholders and funders. Effective reporting reflects the organizations compliance with the commitments and requirements agreed upon. An NGO should be aware of the standards, prescribed formats, and disclosure requirements set by the funding organization to be able to properly meet these obligations.

This course provides professionals working in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with an understanding of organizational reporting and international and national standards of reporting. It equips the learners with tools to effectively share information and develop reports. Moreover, through this course, learners will be able to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws through data protection policies, training, and record keeping.

Learning Competencies

The learners will be able to:

  1. Understand the donor reporting requirements
  2. Develop different types of reports
  3. Utilize effective reporting skills to develop structured and systematic reports
  4. Relate reporting to key performance indicators and key metrics
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  • Core in:
    • Communication & Reporting Strategies for NGOs
    • Operations Management of NGOs
  • Elective in:
    • NGO Fundraising & Proposal Management
  • Format: TBD
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 32 hours