COVID-19 NGOi Network  (CONNECT)



CONNECT (COVID-19 NGOi Network) launched by the NGO Initiative at AUB is a network that aims to serve as a convening platform for NGOs responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Lebanon, via regional groups. Each regional group is constituted of NGOs serving both Lebanese and refugee communities in a specific area of Lebanon including Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa, North, and South.Through CONNECT, the NGOi will provide member NGOs with contextualized knowledge resources and capacity building based on the groups’ identified needs.


CONNECT brings together NGOs operating in same areas through regional group meetings that serve as a platform for the involved NGOs to share their projects and activities, explore potential collaboration, and enhance communication. Click here  to access the interactive map of services and to explore the COVID-19 related services provided by CONNECT members in different areas.


CONNECT builds the capacity of NGO members through a series of contextualized webinars delivered by experts from Lebanon and the region to support NGOs in improving their response to COVID-19, in addition to a list of suggested free online courses offered by other providers.


A collection of published resources useful to serve as evidence and guides for the NGOs response to COVID-19 or for the write-up of COVID-19 related proposals for funding.

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