The NGOi certification is a voluntary and non-governmental review process that assesses the governance and administrative structures as well as operational principles of the NGOs. The performance of the organization on the certification process is assessed using evidence based criteria.


Governance &
Strategic Planning

Documented governance approach, mechanism for accountability, mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Financial Management

Adoption of filing systems, auditing approach, and cost estimation and budgeting.


Availability of an organizational risk management system and policy.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Ability to collect, analyze and manage program data to inform continuous improvement.


Capacity to assess the impact of implemented projects and their alignment with community needs.

Staff & Volunteers Management

Presence of internal management policies and procedures on staff-related processes.

Programs & Projects Management

Adherence to phases of project’s life cycle (i.e. planning, execution, monitoring, and evaluation).

Resources & Assets Management

Availability of a management system for assets and resources.

Proposal & Grants Management

Capacity to identify funds, develop proposals, and manage grants.

Communication & Reporting

Proper internal and external communication and reporting practices.


  • Recognition of the attainment of minimum standards of organizational and operational excellence
  • Establishing organizational credibility with donors and funding agencies
  • Facilitating continuous performance improvement
  • Achieving proper operational policies and procedures
  • Ensuring a community centric approach in organizational structure and operations


The certification process of NGOi will include the following steps:

Step 1

Interested NGO submits a ‘request of certification’ form

Step 2

NGOi team reviews the request

Step 3

Upon approval of the request, the NGO is granted access to the full ‘certification application’

Step 4 *

NGO submits the requested information (i.e. documentation and self-assessment report) as per the certification application

Step 5

NGOi certification review team completes the documents review

Step 6

NGOi certification review team provides feedback to the NGO

Step 7

A site visit is scheduled and conducted

Step 8

Certification decision is made as follows:

1. If the result of the overall review process (documentation, self-assessment report, and site visit) is satisfactory, certification level is granted based on the generated certification score. The organizational certification is granted for 2 years.

2. If the result of the overall review process indicates the need for minor improvements, the NGO is required to submit a corrective action plan, and a re-assessment report is conducted within 6 months post decision.

3. If the result of the overall review process is unsatisfactory, certification is not granted and the NGO will not be able to re-submit a certification application before 6 months post decision.

*NOTE: NGOs that fail to submit their certification package by the indicated deadline will receive a 50% refund of the certification payment.

Submit your ‘request of certification’ form by clicking here.
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