Webinar Contextualization of Humanitarian Learning

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18 Sep

Webinar Contextualization of Humanitarian Learning

September, 18
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Venue: Online

  • Louie John Aguila

    Louie has ten years of experience working as a learning professional in the private and humanitarian/development sectors. As a certified practitioner of instructional design and learning technology, he takes a learner-centred approach in managing eLearning, scenario-based face-to-face training, and blended curricula programming – end-to-end, from analysis to evaluation. He is always fascinated at the intersection of learning science, technology and actual learner contexts, particularly at designing and testing innovative strategies in addressing gaps in learning and performance.

  • Gabrielle Schembri

    Gabrielle Schembri leads the Academy’s Learning Products and Organisational Services function of the Humanitarian Leadership Academt. She has overall responsibility for the identification of global learning needs and the development of high-quality learning products, customised learning services and tools for individuals, organisations, networks and other stakeholders working with, and in, the humanitarian sector. Gabrielle has over 20 years’ experience working in the humanitarian and development sectors. She is a learning specialist, facilitator and qualified coach, with a real passion for people and their development and has worked with a wide variety of organisations and clients at all levels within the private, public and non-governmental sectors. Adept at understanding and responding to the needs of different audiences, her user-centred approach to the design and delivery of organisational and individual learning solutions results in high quality learning products and services that meet demand.
  • Hussein Ismail

    Hussein has six years of experience working in the humanitarian and development sector, and especially in the fields of learning, monitoring and evaluation. He worked on setting up monitoring and evaluation systems for several humanitarian programs, including disaster risk reduction, psychosocial support and WASH for several national and international NGOs. His work is focused on the development of contextualized content and tools for humanitarian projects including vulnerability capacity assessment toolkits and trainings, contingency planning assessment tools, disaster risk reduction and management trainings and awareness sessions, etc. Serving as the Coordinator of the Middle Eastern Center for Humanitarian Advancement, Hussein works on the development and contextualization of humanitarian learning modules and the design of global health courses.