Strategic Planning & Governance

Course Description

Strategic planning is the cornerstone to achieving organizational goals. Setting a strategic framework is essential to aligning organizational priorities and directing all organizational decisions. This will lead to proper governance and management.

This course provides professionals working in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with an understanding of the vital role of the governing body, the key elements of governance and working methods, and the approaches and tools of strategic planning. After this course, learners will be able to establish effective governance and plan and execute strategic plans.

Learning Competencies

Learners will be able to:

  1. Build an NGO strategy using analysis tools such as stakeholder analysis, portfolio analysis, and SWOT analysis
  2. Develop the mission, vision, objectives, bylaws, and working principles of an NGO
  3. Identify key references in the sector such as legal obligations, guiding principles, and standards
  4. Build a strong governing body with healthy relational dynamics
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  • Core in:
    • Strategic Management of NGOs
  • Elective in:
    • Communication & Reporting Strategies for NGOs
    • NGO Fundraising & Proposal Management
    • Operations Management of NGOs
  • Format: TBD
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 32 hours