Journalism & Advocacy

Course Description

Non-governmental organizations aim to improve the welfare of societies and provide critical services for those in need. Journalistic advocacy is a powerful tool to push a social, political, or environmental agenda. It aims to persuade and mobilize the community in favor of the organization’s views. NGOs can seriously impact legislation, lobbying officials and achieving local support for a certain initiative through journalism.

This course equips professionals working in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with an understanding of journalism and advocacy. The course helps learners make the best use out of the available tools and strategies while anticipating and avoiding common mistakes and determining the best practices. The course also features the latest methods in identifying problems, stakeholder analysis, building an advocacy targeting graph, developing advocacy messages, setting strategies and their subsequent tactics, and performing campaign analysis.

Learning Competencies

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  • Core in:
    • Communication & Reporting Strategies for NGOs
  • Elective in:
    • None
  • Format: TBD
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 32 hours